Preferred DB Engine: Any RDBMS
Unit: Upto 5 crisp, clear, well scoped, written questions for discussion
Discussion Themes: Capacity & Scalability Planning, High Availability & Disaster Recovery Strategy, Backup & Restore Strategy, Data Modeling (Normalized & De-normalized), Star & Snowflake Designs, RDBMS Product Evaluation, Replication Planning & Topology Designs, Data Migration Planning
TAT: 5 Working Days

Action Items & Deliverables
Detailed and written answers to each question
Customized solution for the use case / requirements
Pointers to books online and do-it-yourself tutorials / blogs
Clarification Calls (upto 1 hour)
Dedicated Customer Support
100% Premium and Professional Service

Database Server Privileged Access
Use Case / Requirements in details
Known Issues, if any
Server Type (DEV / QA / PROD)

"Dhanu IT was hired multiple times for database performance tuning, as well as database security solution implementation. Apart from being helpful in performance tuning of databases, Dhanu IT was also able to provide us valuable inputs for the databases as well as training of the security solution for the client as well as the internal engineers for further support of the solution."
Nous Infosystems
"Great job. Very knowledgeable. Completed the tasks quickly."
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