NoSQL Database Consultation

Service Type: Evaluation, exploration, R&D, new trends / technologies
Delivery Type: Fixed scope
Database Engine: MongoDB, DynamoDB, HP Vertica, Cassandra
Unit: Up to 5 crisp, clear, well scoped, written questions for discussion
Turnaround Time (TAT): 5 working days

Discussion Themes
Heterogeneous data replication
Data replication from relational database to NoSQL database
Migration to cloud
Evaluation of NoSQL database
Evaluation of cloud service provider
Integration of relational and NoSQL database
Research & development

Detailed, written answer to each question
Customized solution for the use case / requirement
Reference to books online and do-it-yourself tutorial / blog
Clarification call (up to 1 hour)

Database server privileged access
Use case / requirement in detail
Known issue, if any

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