Service Type: Development, programming
Delivery Type: Fixed scope
Database Engine: Any relational database
Unit: Up to 10 SQL queries / views / procedures / functions
Exception: Nested view / procedure / function call
Turnaround Time (TAT): 5 working days

Fresh hand written optimized query and/or procedure
Re-write / fix of existing query for better performance
Performance statistics and execution plan of each query
Performance comparison (original and new optimized query)
1st round of unit testing
Clarification call (up to 1 hour)

Database server access
Use case / requirement in detail
Data model
Data dictionary

"Dhanu IT was a pleasure to work with. They did the job well and promptly. They also wrote a detailed documentation and feedback as well. We plan to work with Dhanu IT again."
Lightminer Systems
"Dhanu IT has provided an excellent and quick turn around for the issue. Will be surely working with the team in the future."